Universal Vibration

Greetings, Earthlings!

Call me Embrace :)

Spiritual consciousness

Music enthusiast

Passionate writer

Psychedelic explorer

Flowing hoop dancer

Yoga practitioner

Workout junkie

Nature lover

Book worm

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Cancer

Rising Scorpio

I greatly enjoy:

tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks,

dancing, tea, sexuality,

the sun, the moon, meditation,

animals, hiking and all art forms.

I find every shape of the human body

absolutely fascinating.

Music festivals make me feel alive.

Move yourself to live music.

Please venture

through my open mind.

Talk to me, tell me things!

Who am I to judge?

"Your soul you must keep totally free."

Namaste ॐ

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Some pictures from the beach today. It was wonderful!

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