The wheels take impact and stress off your legs, and the position helps your spine, but you’re still doing running motions instead of biking motions, so your legs are getting a good workout, and you can go for longer

nerdy shit aside, iamgine how sick it must be to just let those feet fly into the air and do superman poses down a highway

Anonymous asked: Are you bi?


i’m going to be completely honest with you right now and say that i don’t now, nor have i ever, actually known what sexual orientation i am.

that is just too complicated for me to give a shit. some chicks are hot, some guys are hot. some chicks are worth dating, some guys are worth dating. some days i’m a little more interested in one side of the spectrum than the other. but really, beyond physicality, i wouldn’t let gender change whether or not i loved someone. and that’s what matters to me.

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do u ever just wanna yell at someone and tell them how much they hurt u but u also dont want to talk to them at all 


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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about appropriating black culture with your "dreads"?


How do you feel about the fact that dreads were historically a part of many various cultures of many various skin tones.
You are accusing me because my skin is fair, which in itself is an act of racism.

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A very green Easter mandala! They seem to be getting bigger day by day… #badjonesrising #sketchbook


my number one piece of advice is drink water and stay hydrated. we are made out of water. everything in us is made of water. and u are sitting there drinking a diet coke tellin me that’s all you’ve had to drink today. please get up and drink some water. for the love of god.

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I like this one  betta :~)

by Arkadiy Kurta